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Random stuff: I wrote "Cold Obsidian" when I was 20. Translating it into English has been my dream since.
Random stuff: "Obsidian Trilogy" is the reason I decided to learn to draw. I was too poor to pay an artist but wanted my novels to have beautiful covers.
Random stuff: The biggest obstacle in translating my novels into English was poetry. The poems included in my stories couldn't be removed and I couldn't translate them. Without Alan Jackson' help, there wouldn't be the translation of OT. (English poetry is still a mystery to me).
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Random stuff: Every story begins with a spark: a small idea in the author's imagination. For "Cold Obsidian" it was a dream where a warrior woman was shopping for weapons and chose one made by an apprentice, not a master.
Random stuff: I wrote "Cold Obsidian" when I was 20 and rewrote it while I was translating it into English at the age of 36. Why rewrite it at all? Because there were too many scenes that made me exclaim: oh my! What was I thinking! It doesn't make sense at all! Scratch it!
Random stuff: The name Kangassk was inspired by Kangaxx. If you played Baldur's Gate 2, you've sure met that guy.
Random stuff: I made the first illustrations for "Cold Obsidian" by hand but later moved to Krita because drawing there was faster and easier.
Random stuff: I'm new to illustrating novels, so I'm experimenting a lot and would love to hear what you think of the different styles I'm testing.
15th Aug 2022, 5:30 PM in Book 2. HOT OBSIDIAN

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Author Notes:
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Here comes my "Hot Obsidian" - book two of "Obsidian Trilogy". Online version will happen too, I promise, I just need to make a decent buffer of illustrations first to ensure stable update schedule. As to the ebook, you can get it right now: from Buymeacoffee (the earnings go to me), or from Gumroad (the earnings go to charity through my friend's account).


Everyone knows Lifekeepers, the warriors of mercy, those who bring light and justice to the darkest corners of the world where even stable magic does not reach. But few know the Order of the Hot Obsidian, a small but ancient group of cultists running the Lifekeepers as a mere facade for their own agenda. Well, this book is about them. Them and the ten boys they send on a mission, knowing that only one of them will survive in the end.

We will learn about Kangassk’s father and the mysterious Hora thief along the way as well.

“Hot Obsidian” is the second book of Obsidian Trilogy but, since it explains the same events from the other side of the conflict, you can read it before “Cold Obsidian” just fine.


Obsidian Trilogy is my illustrated fantasy novel. There are three books: Cold Obsidian, Hot Obsidian, Smoky Obsidian. The trilogy is finished but the third book still needs to be translated into English (and I'll definitely do it). You can read the story online on my site or buy the books if you want to support me (my huge, huge thanks to everyone who does!). Everyone who supports me on Patreon with at least a dollar gets access to the novel's updates as well as to the comic's.
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dani, the geek (Guest)
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woo hoo!
The Doodler
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The Doodler
I like the little touch of the hand position being the same.
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I didn't even know that it was a good idea. And now, when consistency is expected of me, I'll have to think really hard what to do with a cover for book 3. The third character is not even human and doesn't even have any hands to speak of :D
The Doodler
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The Doodler
Eh, cover design is an art more than a science (to me as a viewer, anyway). It’ll be cool to see.
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