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Random stuff: Internet is a lonely place. Please, leave me a comment. No registration needed.
Random stuff: After you've read the page, scroll down to see the comments :)
Random stuff: I wrote "Cold Obsidian" when I was 20. Translating it into English has been my dream since.
Random stuff: "Obsidian Trilogy" is the reason I decided to learn to draw. I was too poor to pay an artist but wanted my novels to have beautiful covers.
Random stuff: The biggest obstacle in translating my novels into English was poetry. The poems included in my stories couldn't be removed and I couldn't translate them. Without Alan Jackson' help, there wouldn't be the translation of OT. (English poetry is still a mystery to me).
Random stuff: There is a comment section below every chapter. Take a look :) Even when no one else comments there, I always do.
Random stuff: I update the site as soon as a new illustration is ready. If you want to binge-read the story, you can buy an ebook ($1) or join my Patreon.
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Random stuff: Obsidian Trilogy is currently my side project. My main progect is Gifts of wandering ice (a sci-fi webcomic 750+ pages long)
Random stuff: I didn't simply translate the novel into English, I rewrote and added a lot to make the story better. Can't help feeling proud.
Random stuff: A new reader? Or maybe a long-time lurker? Scroll down to the comments section and say hi! No registration needed.
Random stuff: Since Obsidian Trilogy is an illustrated story, you can both vote for it at TopWebComics and boost it at TopWebFiction (no registration needed). Either way, it's a huge help!
Random stuff: Every story begins with a spark: a small idea in the author's imagination. For "Cold Obsidian" it was a dream where a warrior woman was shopping for weapons and chose one made by an apprentice, not a master.
Random stuff: I wrote "Cold Obsidian" when I was 20 and rewrote it while I was translating it into English at the age of 36. Why rewrite it at all? Because there were too many scenes that made me exclaim: oh my! What was I thinking! It doesn't make sense at all! Scratch it!
Random stuff: The name Kangassk was inspired by Kangaxx. If you played Baldur's Gate 2, you've sure met that guy.
Random stuff: I made the first illustrations for "Cold Obsidian" by hand but later moved to Krita because drawing there was faster and easier.
Random stuff: I'm new to illustrating novels, so I'm experimenting a lot and would love to hear what you think of the different styles I'm testing.
28th Aug 2020, 7:32 PM in Book 1. COLD OBSIDIAN

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Author Notes:
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Hello and welcome!

My name is Olga Makarova, though I prefer to go by Olga McArrow or Mildegard on the web. I'm a Russian writer who decided to translate her books into English and to illustrate them along the way.

You may have heard of my comic "Gifts of wandering ice" or my book of short stories "Tales from the afterworld" (both are free to read).

Please, don't be shy to comment. Tell me how you feel about the story, ask your questions, ask for extra illustrations, etc. I'm a lonely person who is always happy to hear from her readers.

You can comment here without registration, by the way ;)
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Judith Bradford (Guest)
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I am so happy to see you publish this! The poetry hurdle overcome via net access to kindness and skill all over the world ")
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Aww :) I'm happy too!
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In fact, it was you who overcame the poetry problem, wasn't it? You did a great job! I hope you're happy with how it all turned out!
Ellie (Guest)
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Looks great, I had bad sleep last night so reading have to wait a bit.
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