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Flavus was absent for a very long time, it seemed to Kangassk. Meanwhile, an alarm woke up the grey camp, the Hunters ran to their Sevens, and a shield was raised above Iven. No one was asleep in the unlucky town now besides the little girl upstairs, the very reason for all the trouble. Kangassk remembered Vlada’s story about the mob justice in Danka and couldn’t help but imagine the same thing happening here. It would be much worse, he thought, because the mob would meet the Brians - Reyne, Smaragd, and Flavus, with swords and magic ready. After facing his friend’s anger, Kangassk could see how this family would rather die than let anyone hurt little Sylvia.

There was still a chance that he was wrong about her, of course, but the longer Kan waited for Flavus to return the weaker his hope became.


“She is not waking up…” said Flavus as he stepped back into the room… then he just broke into tears.


The crying young mage was a sad spectacle, all his anger, all his strength suddenly gone, replaced by grief and bitter tears. It was not something that could be helped by words, so Kangassk just stood beside his friend and put his hand on Flavus’s shoulders to let him know he wasn’t alone.

After a while, Flavus finally got himself together. He could think again and speak too, even if in a very shaky voice.


“Did your soothstone tell you that?” he asked.

“I don’t know...” Kangassk lifted his shoulders in a weak shrug. “Maybe it did help the last piece of the puzzle to snap into place; maybe I just solved the whole thing myself. I’ve been thinking about that night a lot, the night when the demon spared you. It had no reason to do that but I thought that maybe the human soul it clings to had. If so, then it had to be someone who loved you so much…”


A grimace of pain distorted Flavus’s face. For a moment, Kan thought that his friend was going to burst into tears again but Flavus braced himself.


“I think Sylvia has been fighting the parasite every night without even remembering it in the morning,” Kangassk continued. “Maybe this is the reason for her strange illness… But I would never’ve guessed that if you hadn’t told me about the ambasiaths.”

“You know, Kangassk…” said Flavus with a sudden jerk of his head that revealed his red, tear-stained face. “Forgive me! I shouldn’t have got angry with you. If anything, I should be grateful that you had come with your doubts to me and not the worldholders. Still…” his shoulders slumped, “it’s all the same in the end for Sylvia… How was it in the book? ‘Isolate and humanely destroy the demon host’, right?”

“No,” said Kangassk in a determined tone. “I won’t let that happen. We will think of something, Flavus. We still have some time before the Inquisition pays your family a visit. They made a mistake once but they won’t do it again. If I could guess, one of them soon will too.”

“No one in Iven knows that we are ambasiaths,” Flavus assured him. “No one but you.”

“You stand out like white crows here.” Kangassk shook his head. “If you are anything like my father - an ambasiath - was, your secret will reveal itself...”

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Magical shields are a marvel of magical art. Costly to maintain, though.
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